Parents Teacher Association 
Objectives of Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A.)
1. To provide a forum for collaborative effort of parents, teachers & students towards quality teacher education. 

2. To make assessment of teacher training programmes in order to make it effective and relevant.

3. To invite the perspectives of parents & teacher trainees about the functioning of institution. 

4. To identify the strengths and limitations of the existing teacher training programme.
5. To invite the views of parents about the quality of existing teacher training programme. 

6. To invite teacher trainee’s views on the needs & problems related to existing training programme. 

7. To acquaint the parents about various programmes taken by college for professional development of teacher trainees.
8. To draw out the best in the teacher trainees with the collaborative efforts of parents & teacher educators. 

9. To bring out interactive strategies for quality improvement in teacher education. 
Office Bearers of Parents Teacher Association
President : Dr. Jitender Kumar
Secretary : Mr. Mukesh Dua
Vice President : Mrs. Mukesh Devi
Joint Secretary : Mrs. Lakhbir Kaur
Finance Secretary : Mrs. Mona Goyal

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